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Richmond Pharmacology
On a demandé à un Clinical Trial Assistant...16 octobre 2017

What would you do if I shouted at you?

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I would report it to HR and then immediately regret it since they disclose all confidential discussions back to senior management/directors (who were probably the ones shouting at you in the first place). I’d then learn my place within the company and keep my head down until I had enough experience to escape and go work somewhere (read anywhere) else. Moins

I’d ask “you kiss your wife and kids with that mouth?”

I would ask you to politely calm down and go somewhere private where we could both talk about the issue. I would try to come to a swift resolution. And if the issue was still not resolved, I would involve someone from upper management to intervene. Moins


company core values

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Memorize these from the website and be ready to 'apply' them in your answers.


Strenghts and weaknesses

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Hardworking, positive attitude, comfortable working in any condition, sensority, punctual, Moins

Hardworking positive attitude comfortable working in any condition sensority punctual Moins

Richmond Pharmacology

How do you handle conflict resolution?

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I’d say sigh and reply “Whatever you say Keith” and stare out the window, all the while wondering what happened to my hopes, my dreams and my freedom. Moins

I do not let it fester, I talk to my colleague ASAP to come to a resolution.


Why do you think you're best for this position?

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Name a time where you had to deal with complications in the work place?


What was a difficult situation during your work?

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Did not meet the required aims.


What is 3 things you don't like about your current job/workplace?

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1. Communication is lacking 2. No structure 3. Work gets pushed onto those who will do the work, while others sit back and do nothing Moins


You don't have relevant experience

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But its an entry-level job


Tell us about a time when... You had a disagreement with a peer and how you resolved it. You had a challenge in your job and how you resolved it. You weren't able to make a deadline and how you resolved it. etc.

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Illustrate positive attitude, keeping management informed, assertive communication with peers... Moins


I was asked many qualifying questions regarding clinical trial experience, knowledge-based understanding of the field of Medicine and trials as well as discussion on time management, decision-making abilities as well as talent in the professional development of study sites/clinicians based on my education, experience and proof of completed projects.

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Various responses based on the detail above, including proof sources. I was second in line to receive offer, the offer extended to applicant with extensive clinical trial experience. I'm writing this review due to the fact I was overwhelmingly impressed with this team's commitment to clinical trial outcome, including passion, professionalism, kind behavior and commitment to work/life balance. It would be a dream to work with Quintiles' Clinical Trial Division. Good people whose work is good for society. Moins

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