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On a demandé à un Cloud Operations Engineer...29 février 2016

Have you used the OfferUp app?

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Name all three types of AWS ELB’s.

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Classic, network, application.


What command would you use to list the users logged in on a linux machine?

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Zesty (Israel)

Tell about complicated situation you had at last job and how did you find a solution?

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I shared about the situation I had and how i found the solution


When deploying an application on the web what is the problem you have faced and how did you overcome them?

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Having experience with freelance, I gave a brief of a few problems I faced while deploying my applications, and how I tackled them. Some of which being Scaling issues, issues caused due to version differences, etc Moins


How one can figure out that which switch is connected to which LED?

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It is a puzzle where there are 3 LED's and you have to identify which switch is for which led. It is actually very easy. Turn on one switch for 4-5 seconds and then turn it off and turn on the next switch and visit the room. The led which is glowing is of the latter switch and the bulb which is releasing heat is of the former switch and the remaining bulb is related to the last switch. Moins

Crossover for Work

They dig on AWS, some of DevOps technology with networking and Linux. If you have coding experience that will be an advantage.

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Hi can you please let us know the interview pattern briefly


Questions about Cloud and Networking

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get used to it


Disk mounted on an EC2 instance has X IOPS, your app running on the instance requires 3X IOPS, what do you do?

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Mount multiple disks in a RAID: minimum 3x for RAID 0, 6x for RAID 10


Basics of Azure Networking Azure Storage and related questions VM Scale Sets Azure AD related

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The answers were quite precise and perfect as appreciated by the interviewer.

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