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On a demandé à un Cloud Solution Architect...27 octobre 2020

How do my ethics and values fit into Microsoft’s

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Hi I have gone through the technical screening now i have the assessment round, please can u let me know the examples of what to prepare for the Deep technical level, presentation( what topics would come) and commercial round. Please kindly provide your valuable suggestions. thanks Moins

Guys, can you shed some light on what kind of questions and preparation you had done in both rounds especially the initial technical assessment and after? Moins

HI, I have recevied a call from Microsoft Recruiter last week. They mentioned there would be some technicall assessment and if I pass, will be called for some back to back interview panel, including presentations. Can you please advise further on the possible areas that the technical assesment would cover. types of questions there, and also some more details how the internal pannel was, like what type of presentation was asked, if any. Thanks, Moins


Could you walk me through and draw out a sketch of a recent architecture project you completed?

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I probably drew way to sloppy, but the interviewer seemed positive based on the drawing and explanation I gave. Moins

Same expereince , very sloppy hiring people and extremly unprofessional timerames and feedbaks - making me wonder their job postings are wither a BS or if you are not Whitle they just dont hire (MS Irvine is fampous to be a white boy club!) Stay away Microoft is no longer what itused to be and after Satya it didnt change much either Moins

Cisco Systems

1 question was interesting... It was the old "You have 25 horses, a 5-lane racetrack, and no stopwatch. What is the minimum number of races needed to find the 3 fastest horses."

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Answer is 6

I'd never heard/seen this one before, so I did what I always do in that situation - used the whiteboard to start charting it out. I think that's all they wanted to see, how I approached the problem. Moins


How do you centrally manage on a number of related/grouped VM's?

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Using VM Scalesets.

Through hub Spoke Topology


Geen. Ik moest vooral aanhoren hoe 'het heurt' volgens deze onbenul

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Met een vriendelijk glimlach, opgestaan en vertrokken.


Q1- Why did you choose Microsoft?

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I really enjoyed working as X and I felt the pleasure of making a small positive impact on others. That's because I think we share the same values. Moins


How would you contribute to increasing Azure cloud consumption by customers?

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Network within customer organizations and listen for potential new use cases.


Draw and explain the architecture for a recent project or design that you worked on.

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Mix of whiteboard and detailed explanation of the solution.


Explain your DevOps practices in past organisation

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Just say what you know


Present a solution you've built, explaining the architectural considerations, solution options and potential trade offs you had to make.

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I had prepared a presentation that showcased what I had done, and then we had an open conversation based on the presentation and my past experiences Moins

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