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On a demandé à un Cloud Systems Engineer...25 novembre 2015

Hoeveel manieren kun je bedenken om een naald in een hooiberg te vinden?

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The answer to all questions is 42

Waarom wil je de naald vinden? Weet je zeker dat je een naald zoekt? Wie heeft de naald daar neergelegd? Waarom wil je meerdere manieren weten? Wat is je doel? Moins

Ik zou naar de supermarkt gaan en een nieuwe naald kopen. Dat is een stuk sneller en makkelijker. Moins

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How to migrate a 1 TB Oracle Database from a datacenter to AWS cloud

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Snowball is overkill since this is only 1TB. Storage Gateway would probably be the way to go. It securely connects on-premise to AWS for data transfer. Moins


How would you troubleshoot this given this scenario? (Asked for many Okta features)

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If you have worked with Okta then you know there are different approaches to troubleshooting. Ask for clarification to specify the scenario and give the best answers. Moins


Give me examples of workflows you have built.

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Talk about the workflow you built. Pretty much explain what was being automated and how you did it with workflows. Moins

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

what are you looking in this profile? reason for the change?

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profile is good having ex-poser in cloud technology.


What is a way to keep separate versions of python projects avoiding same version library conflicts and some others regarding ip subnetting and vpc's.

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Python virtual environments


Do you have experience doing "this" with Okta.

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If you have worked with Okta before and have built/implimented/designed what they are asking about then it shouldn't hard to answer. Moins


IIS questions put me on the spot. IIS is not my specialty and that was clearly shown on my CV.

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I would have to comment on the Sydney HR office. The person i dealt with must of been very busy, because she was very hard to get in touch with. I postponed the first phone screen and that wasn't relayed to the interviewer so he called me anyway and i missed it. It took 3 weeks to get my results for the phone screen and that was after chasing them up. No useful feedback was given. I feel that my application was handled very poorly. Moins

Beyond Limits

I meet with the DevOps Engineer and the Security Manager to answer job-related questions in a casual conversational manner making you feel extra confident and comfortable with the interview prosses, questions, and the environment.

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I decided to answer questions with real-life business examples, critical thinking examples, and problem-solving examples. Moins

MMT Digital

Terraform or cloud formation for a infrastructure task,

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I submitted a code bundle with them.

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