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En tant que coach, votre travail consistera à travailler avec les enseignants pour les aider à améliorer les techniques d’enseignement et à obtenir de meilleurs résultats en classe. Les employeurs recherchent des candidats motivés qui connaissent les pratiques efficaces, qui savent travailler avec des adultes et qui sont capables d’encadrer correctement des personnes qui ont des habitudes bien ancrées. Lors d’un entretien, soyez prêt à discuter de votre expérience en matière de coaching, de vos compétences en matière de collaboration et de la manière dont vous géreriez divers scénarios en classe.

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Questions d'entretien d'embauche fréquentes pour un coach (H/F) et comment y répondre

Voici trois des questions d’entretien d’embauche les plus fréquentes pour un coach (H/F) et comment y répondre :

Question 1 : Parlez-moi de votre philosophie éducative et de la manière dont vous pouvez être un coach efficace.

Comment répondre : À travers cette question, la personne faisant passer l’entretien veut en savoir plus sur vous en tant qu’enseignant. Donnez quelques détails sur votre façon d’enseigner. Veillez à énoncer votre philosophie de l’enseignement de manière directe et précise et utilisez des exemples tirés de votre expérience pour montrer comment vous avez aidé les autres à atteindre leurs objectifs et les objectifs du système éducatif.

Question 2 : Vos propositions ont-elles déjà été rejetées par un enseignant ?

Comment répondre : À travers cette question, la personne faisant passer l’entretien veut savoir comment vous gérez les conflits. Parlez d’une situation au cours de laquelle vous avez dû travailler avec un enseignant qui n’était pas satisfait de la direction prise par le département. Donnez des détails sur la façon dont il vous a fait savoir qu’il était mécontent et sur la façon dont vous avez réagi. Soyez aussi précis que possible pour montrer comment vous gérez les conflits et comment vous pouvez mettre l’accent sur le travail.

Question 3 : Comment allez-vous travailler au vu des différents niveaux de compétences et des différents besoins des enseignants de ce secteur ?

Comment répondre : À travers cette question, votre interlocuteur veut savoir ce que vous savez du secteur concerné et si vous en avez appris suffisamment sur les enseignants pour élaborer un plan. Faites vos recherches avant l’entretien et donnez quelques détails sur la façon dont vous allez d’abord faire connaissance avec les enseignants et vous faire une idée de leurs besoins avant de proposer un plan pour chacun d’eux.

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Ontrak Health
On a demandé à un Care Coach...11 mars 2020

Complete a role play motivation interview with interviewer.

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I didn’t. This was a little much to expect from a potential employee who was told I would be trained on how to do motivational interviews. Moins

I declined to go forward with interview process. I had figured out right before the third interview that the job was.not desirable. Moins

There were a lot of steps required for the interview process. Long and drawn out. This test and that test, then internet speed test and on and on.... I did it all! I went through the whole, long process and felt and was told that I did great and kept moving on to the next steps. The Monday after my final interview, I was told by the recruiter that everyone liked me and that my scores were "very high" but that the last person to interview me thought that I would be "bored" with this job. We were both perplexed... I did everything right, have all the right experience, and the recruiter handed them a good candidate. I was not made a job offer off of an assumption, yet this company is currently is using a Temp service to fulfill their contracts. Thoughts would be first- You are being handed good, quality candidates, yet not hiring and using a temp service??? Ummm, okay. Next Advice- Simply clarify the role and use open communication with the candidate to confirm that the candidate is comfortable with the job pace. DO NOT just assume anything in life. That can get you proven wrong... Also, the company needs to listen to the recruiting service that THEY have in place. The recruiters put forth a great deal of effort, and are working very hard to find good talent only to be brushed off by management of the company. I just have to wonder if HR is aware of this process. I would love to speak with the HR dept about this situation. Moins

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Promising Futures

What would you do in these types of scenarios?

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Painting Promising futures lnc cajon El noah fulmor salah job onine work $376. $475. Moins

Recycling job Work noah fulmor salah Promising futures lnc $577 job onine work

Promising futures lnc work job work Noah Fulmor Salah 7- Eleven job work $1275.

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Burger King

How would you handle a franchisee who did not want to follow an idea or suggestion you created?

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We discussed salary vaguely. I asked about salary in early interviews and was asked what my requirements were. I said I wanted 60K and was told that wouldn't be an issue. Moins

I find it deplorable that such large companies sully their reputations by not keeping potential employees informed. Sadly, when companies treat me this way I make it a point to stop wasting my money at their establishments. I also tell people I know and meet of this and, if I am lucky they stop spending money there as well (assuming they care about more than their own employment status). Moins

Today, lets be real, company's are looking for candidates who can provide results, uphold the companys image - "candidates appearance", intellectual, and strong background with coaching and developing of staff. Too many times candidates feel that they are the right choice for a job, but the reality is your not the right choice based on your appearance, average interview, and lack of experience. Every answer given to a question may not be the right answer in regards to the company and the position you are applying for. If you are not hired, or receive an offer within the first 2 weeks of an interview, you probably not the right candidate. You failed, move on to the next opportunity. "Just a thought." Moins

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FM Global

As a woman do you forsee any childcare issues impacting delivery and how do you plan to deal with that?

4 réponses

This question is sexist

This is not an issue for me.

My babies are crate-trained. No issues.

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How would you deal with agents who are more tenured than you are in the company

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Learn from their experiences and make sure not to commit those mistakes. I’d love be around people who are more experienced than a newbie as I will learn a lot from them. Moins

You need to insure that you do everything required but not dominate tenured agents....initially we should push for nothing more than acceptance and mutual respect. Moins

Department for Work And Pensions

My questions were -Tell us about a time you delivered great customer service. - How would you explain complex information to someone and make sure they understand? - How would you feel about making an important decision if you didn’t have all the information? - Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer - Tell me about a time when you had conflicting deadlines - Can you give an example of a difficult conversation you had to have with someone, how you went about it and what the outcome was.

4 réponses

I hope this helps – and GOOD LUCK to all

Can someone please help. Need to take the interview tomorrow and have no clue. If some of the questions are hypothetical how can the star method be used or talk about one of your previous experience. Those categories can overlap as well well when giving examples. Moins

Same here. I need to take the test Monday morning but not had an interview in years. I am so nervous and do not know how to answer any of the possible questions. Moins

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Are you comfortable using google applications?

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Department for Work And Pensions

Would people describe you as someone who has a good sense of judgement

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This is an easy question. Start by telling them what you believe a good judgement is i.e follows company guidelines and goals etc. Then say you worked in a role where you judged applications and say you only accepted applications when you were comfortable with all the info provided. Moins


Hi, That’s the exact behaviours I had received in my pre recorded video, how did you answer these questions and what format? Moins


Describe a time when you had a conflict with a coworker and how you handled it.

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The person I had the conflict with was someone that was not helping when we were very busy. I waited until our rush was over and took the person aside and talked to them privately. Moins

Did they hair test you or urine test you? Thanks!

Options For All

Tell me about yourself. How do you deal with stressful situations? Give scenario. How do you deal with someone who refuses to participate in a activity?

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Paid Get. Money make

Target job coach $20.78 noah Fulmor Salah job work

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