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On a demandé à un Color Lead...31 janvier 2013

Do you feel your child will affect your ability to work ?

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Illegal question!!!!

Yes they are in fact allowed! It's no illegal in the least. If it were a disability you have, that might be illegal. But if you have a child or are in college, they ABSOLUTELY have a right to ask if it might interfere with work. Moins

nless you volunteered that you have a child, it is absolutely illegal to ask if you have children. Referencing "HR World" What you can't ask: Do you have or plan to have children? Clearly, the concern here is that family obligations will get in the way of work hours. Instead of asking about or making assumptions on family situations, get to the root of the issue by asking directly about the candidate's availability. What to ask instead: Are you available to work overtime on occasion? Can you travel? Moins

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"What would you do if a client walked in right now and asked you to find her the best mascara?"

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"I would take them to the 'Sephora Favorites' mascara wall and ask what they wanted out of their mascara and chose a best fit" Moins

What kind of mascara are you looking for? Do you have any specific wants or issues with a mascara? Moins

"I will suggest my personal mascara and talk about all the pros my mascara has " because I always seem to be asked what mascara I used :) Moins


How will you deal with a client who is putting products into their purse in front of you?

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I will give them a basket and ask if I can assist them with anything today. If they are REFUSING TO TAKE THE BASKET I will ask my manager to call a security. You can't do anything, can't touch them for sure. Moins

And to wait for the right person to give a sign of release or to file or not to file a complain Moins

I will take action fast and confront and be straight forward to that customer,that she is engaging herself to a serious matter of stealing a product to our company and to that way we have the rights to keep her for more further question and to find the right person to make a decision for a customer who is responsible for this kind of scandal Moins


Why You Want To Leave Your Earlier Orgnaization?

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Every body wants to grow in their carrier path, if opportunities are less within the company change of organisation is unavoidable. Moins

Change is necessary for growth oppurtunities never waits for someone so grasp it Moins

How long have I worked in this field.

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I said 10 years.

J. C. Penney

How familiar are you with color technology?

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I informed manager I'd previously used X-Rite spectrophotometer and willing to learn other color software programs if given the opportunity. Moins


If a client drops a bottle of perfume once they leave the store what would you do?

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I can't remember but there's is a particular answer they look for


what do you do if a customer buys thens drop a perfume bottle?

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give them a replacement free of charge


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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I said with the company, but they wanted specific job titles within Sephora which I had no clue about. Moins


Tell me about yourself.

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I started as a resident MUA and makeup and skin care had always had a place in my career. Moins

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