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On a demandé à un Commercial Finance Manager...13 août 2014

None, but avoid interview in first place you will be disappointed

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Not professional and not trustworthy


How do I go about influencing people?

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Understanding their needs and what motivates them.


Presentation/cases study on global fast food restaurant and entrance into breakfast market

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presentation was logical, whereby you combined both pros and cons, market research, case facts and hypothesis testing. Typical management consultant approach to answering case study. Moins


Have you used Agoda before?

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What would you do if you received a set of assumptions from another team that doesn't look right to you? Moins


Walk through of CV / experience

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Tested my understanding about the company and role

Morgan Hunt

They asked me about my experience.


Typical scenario-based and related to experience and skill sets

LexisNexis Legal & Professional

Please talk through your CV?


salario, rehubicacion, historial, experiencia, motivos

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