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On a demandé à un Commercial Director...21 octobre 2015

If you could have dinner with three actors no longer living, who would they be!

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Who wants to have dinner with dead people?

None they were all just acting

Alan Rickman, because I'd like to ask him about the Harry Potter films. Sam Kelly because I'd want to ask about his role on Black Books as Manny's dad. And Diana Dors because I'd want to ask about the Adam & The Ants promo for Prince Charming in which she was the Fairy Godmother, as well as Queenie's Castle as it was filmed at Quarry Hill Flats (now the base of the West Yorkshire Playhouse). Moins

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You have one 4-min hourglass, and one 7-min hourglass. How can you time 9 minutes exactly?

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v, are your stupid. you cannot assume that you know exactly what half the sand is. Everything has to be accurate. Moins

Start both timers, when the four minute timer is done, there will be 3 minutes of sand left in the top of the seven minute timer. Restart the four minute timer, while letting the remaining (3 minutes) of sand to drop from the 7 minute timer. (this is your 1st 3 minutes of your nine minute measurement) When the 7 minute timer is done the 4 minute timer will now have 3 minutes of sand in the bottom. Flip the 4 minute timer (when this runs it will be your second 3 minutes of time). At the same time flip the 7 minute timer. When the 3 minutes of sand run on the 4 minute timer, restart the 7 minute timer by this time 3 minutes worth of sand will have gone to the bottom of the timer, resetting it will give you the last 3 minutes of sand for you last 3 minutes of time measuring the 9 nine minutes. Moins

let 4min hour glass =1st glass and 7 min hour glass =2nd glass step 1> start with both glass 4 min completes 1st glass is empty and 2nd glass having 3 mins left. Here we get (4min) step2> revert first glass and continue the the second glass which have 3 mins. so 1 min left in 1st glass and second glass is empty.Here we get (3min) step 3> This time revert the second glass and continue with 1min left in first glass.First glass is empty and second glass have 6 min left.Here we get (1min) step 4> Now revert the second glass which have now left 7-6=1.Here you get (1 min) step1+step2+step3+step4=4+3+1+1=9 mins cheeerss !!!!!!!!! Moins

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Qualités, défauts? Pourquoi vous? Quelles sont les clés de la réussite d'un ingénieur technico-commercial?

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Alors quelqu'un a passé le test logique technique ?

Je souhaiterais avoir des infos aussi sur le test logique SVP ?

Il suffit d'être logique et avoir des notions de physique!

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Lowe's Home Improvement

Tell us about a time you made a mistake and how was it handled.

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Admit your mistake and move on.

I was wrong and admitted it.

Installed incorrect software bundle on display laptop. Advised department manager of error and committed to correcting the mistake immediately with as little downtime on device as possible. Moins

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US Embassy

Why would you like to work at the US embassy? What are your strengths and weaknesses ?

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In the workplace, communication must be unique, all for deal with the complexity and diversity professional situations, However to prevent the tribal labor conflict, grating goals together as oriented winning team, due to improve the success of the Embassy. Moins

• The objective is to Work with others, due to interact in a different career experiences, working effectively as oriented winning team to active great goals. • Ability to multi – task, working under pressure and meet deadlines, respectfully with the different culture, religion and race. However recognizing these differences we’re improving the success of the Embassy office service qualification. Moins

Genders and Cultures Effectively, The work communication must be unique, both to deal with the complexity and diversity professional situations, though using those differences should be a key to active greater goals together, However to prevent the laboral conflict, either to improve the success of the Embassy. Moins

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Oliver Wyman

Si je bois la moitié de ma bouteille de 50 cl, puis je te la donne et tu bois la moitié du reste, puis tu me la rends et je bois la moitié de ce qu'il reste, etc. jusqu’à ce que la bouteille soit vide... Finalement quelles seront les quantités totales que

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Person 1: Drinks 50/2, then 50/8, then 50/32 and so on. It's an infinite suite, the infinite summation gives 50/2*1/(3/4)=100/3 which is 33.33. Same reasoning for the other person works, but knowing the bottle is 50cl, he drinks 16.66cl. Moins

You can do it in this way: 1st person drinks: 1/2 + 1/8 + 1/32 +.... 2nd person drinks: 1/4 + 1/16 + 1/64+... which is equal to 1/2(1/2 + 1/8 + 1/32 + ). So the second drinks half of what the first drinks. So the first drinks 2/3 50cl and the second1/3 50cl Moins

Building on what Lorenzo said and to be 100% rigorous: a=2b a+b=50cl a=2b 3a=50cl ... Moins

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What is the most useful metric from the Financial Statements for lenders?

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Free Cash Flow as it helps to determine how much in interest payments the company can afford to make on an annual basis. Moins

i would say Debt / EBITDA ratio, as a lender, we care more about its debt repayment ability. Moins

I would say DSC (debt/ebitda), current ratio and D/TNW

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How would you establish credibility in the first 30 days

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work is the only way to prove our credibility.

In the midst of own action

In the midst of on own action

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Why would you be a good fit at Unilever?

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Because I have experience and I am work like leader not a boss....

I need a more experienced nd knowledge

With fitted Unilever colleague, I will become fit too...

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Tell me about a time when you were put in a difficult team situation.

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I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Moins

This is an interesting read:

Can you share other questions during phone interview

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