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Damac Properties
On a demandé à un Commercial Role...25 janvier 2019

Can you do the slides to showcase your capabilities as this position is very “demanding”?

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(Not very professional but I did them, without any feedbacks provided later.)


Questions on my presentation!

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questions were difficult but now that I work in ezetop I understand how relevant they were Moins


welke ambities ik had in de toekomst

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Aangegeven welke deze waren

Romax Technology

What did you do on your University course?

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I therefore discussed individual modules (specific ones relevant to the job role) and tried to be relaxed but professional. Moins

Foundation Medicine

The question most consistently asked was how do you work with cross functional teams?

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I responded by using specific examples from my work experience and underscored the importance of understanding the various roles and how they fit in. Moins


Why Abcam?

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Excited about the growth and future of the company, the purpose and opportunity to make a difference. Moins


Can you describe how product X at your company works? (Note: Snowflake has a similar product)

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Truthfully to the extent that is available in public facing documentation, the use cases and ideal customer Moins


Market knowledge of wearables and cardiology; career history, sales and marketing successes and failures

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At length and in detail...

Volk Optical

They asked canned interview questions - very vanilla.


What motivates you?

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