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Mercedes-Benz International
On a demandé à un Commis Au Service De La Clientèle Et Adjoint Administratif...20 septembre 2019

On my general skills in administration and customer management. Including on my person.

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Through my modest professional experience, I had to support the administration through the management of administrative documents, filling administrative forms, writing reports on the administrative management of the organization, preparing staff meetings On the clientele, through training at the level of the humanities in commercial and administrative, I had a considerable baggage on the place that occupies the clientele in the goodwill; it is essential to use all possible legal strategies to preserve the company's clientele as it is the company's raison d'être for achieving its business objectives. About me, 39 years old; I am married and father of 4 children, Congolese nationality, graduated in Economic and Social Law; I worked for companies and humanitarian organizations in the administration. Am honest, dedicated and honest. I love challenges and passionate about success at all costs. My weakness is stress and discontent related to failures that I have trouble digesting but the sport and leisure manage to calm my nerves. Am in love with football as a sport and the tourist trip as a hobby. Moins

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