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On a demandé à un Commodity Manager...31 août 2022

what do you look for in a new position

Macquarie Group

Tell us more about yourself

Outset Medical

Various questions about experience, sill and capabilities. Discussions on several business scenarios, problems and problem solving. Candidate encouraged to ask question during the process.

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WIth honesty and candor.

Outset Medical

Questions about experience as well as position scenarios. This allowed team to evaluate the future performance of candidate.

Avid Technology

Mostly asked about past experiences.


Why citi? What’s your background?


Why did you apply at Eaton?

Air Liquide

Why do you want to join us?


Think of scenarios where you had challenges with other departments and how it was resolved. How do you manage many tasks at the same time?


Experience with QDCI strategy example walk

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