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EIT Urban Mobility
On a demandé à Communications Manager...17 mai 2022

Why did you apply for the role?


what is the best thing

Presentation on communications for CDRI, and knowledge of climate change

Palantir Technologies

Why are you leaving your current role? What makes you want to work with Palantir?

What do you read / where do you get your news

OJ Electronics

Tell us about your related experience in this position?

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I summarised my career, offered some position highlights, and shared more information about my last position. Moins


How well do you work with little to no information about a project or assignment.

-What experience do you have with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics? -Why did Inklusiiv and this role interest you?

Panda Express

values, capabilities for the role


What did you do at your previous job?

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