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National Thermal Power
On a demandé à un Executive Engineer - Civil Construction...28 novembre 2012

What is the thing that you are most proud of in your life other than from your resume.

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i m proud of my self confidence

i m proud of my self confidence

I am proud of my loyalty.

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• Move in progress for the management of team work. • Permanent sense of responsibility and accountability, and not to escape from confrontation the difficulties.

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It seems not a question--- It seems as an answer/ suggestions..towards a Sr. Engineer Moins

I prefer team management, a sense of responsibility and discipline, and safety techniques. Moins

Everyone knows that good managers motivate with the power of their vision, the passion of their delivery, and the compelling logic of their reasoning. Add in the proper incentives, and people will enthusiastically march off in the right direction. Moins

Amec Foster Wheeler

Why do you want to work for us?

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Share your knowledge of the clients the company services, the scale and the kind of work they do that you enjoy. Mention the skills you think you will pick up. Moins

I have worked with foster wheeler in SADARA

How Much you Want ?

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Double your Maximum !

deserving amount


what will you always do while you are working with us?

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Fulfilling my responsibilities, achieving optimization and consistently learning and improving both my skills and knowledge. Moins

learn something everyday

Southern Company

Why do you feel your the best candidate for this position?

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I’m young and know more stuff than the people my age I just need a job to help support my dad and it would help me out with school Moins

Know the job your applying for!!! Use your experience working with similar companies or similar projects. Know something about the challenges of the position and talk about how you handled similar challenges. Moins


Do you have reliable transportation?

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National Thermal Power

Civil - Basic Funda

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Revise before going to interview

Simco Engineering Pc

will you prepare for work with various clients by knowing specific processes

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yes i would


They asked me about my working experience in civil engineering from beginning working experience.

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I explain them about my profesional experience since my first until my last work experience. Moins

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