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FDM Group
On a demandé à un Graduate IT Consultant...18 mai 2014

This question came up in the set venn diagram test. Out of 120 students, those with ID's that are even numbers are doing Physics, and all with ID's divisible by 5 are doing Chemistry, and all with ID's divisible by 7 are doing Maths. How many are doing Physics AND Maths? How many are doing Maths and Chemistry? How many are doing neither subject? etc..

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This last method is simpler, thanks

How you did that??? I'm so confused with all these maths. Any help???

Assuming the ID's range from 1-120: Number of students taking Physics: 60 (there are 60 numbers between 1-120 that are divisible by 2) Chemistry: 24 (only 24 numbers between 1-120 that are divisible by 5) Maths: 17 Physics and Chemistry: 12 Physics and Maths: 8 Chemistry and Maths: 2 All three subjects: 1 Moins

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Credit Suisse

Try to tell me your best quality I did not ask you yet ?

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Tata Consultancy Services

They ended up asking, if I am OK working with Indian team, and I think it was the main question.

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I’m ok

I’m ok

I answered something like yes, a part of my team is from WiPro (their main competitor at that time), they are nice guys, etc. I believe that was the key, because as I learned later, they had an imperative that time to grow as fast as they can, and weaken their competitors at all costs. Moins


Pourquoi travaillez-vous ici ?

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To reach Money :D

i also inspire to apple product and i think apple makes life much easier and i wai nt to being a part of apple becoz apple makes my imagination true and i have many ideas ... Moins

ITC Infotech

Will you ready to work on Saturdays occasionally . but actually it almost regular

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Yes no problem

Data Glove

You have to measure exactly 4 liters of water, but you only have a 3-liter bottle and a 5-liter bottle. How do you do it?

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I used to ask a variation of this question to job applicants. Short answer is: Fill 5 liter to top. Empty into 3 liter. Dump 3 liter. Empty remaining 2 liters in 5 liter into 3 liter thereby leaving a 1 liter space in the 3 liter. Fill 5 liter to top. Empty 5 liter into 3 liter thereby leaving 4 liters in the 5 liter container. Many paths up the mountain . Moins

Fill both the 3 liter and the 5 liter exactly half full = 1.5 liters + 2.5 liters = 4 liters Moins

Fill the 3 liter bottle. Pour the 3 liter bottle contents into the 5 liter bottle. Fill the 3 liter bottle. Use the 3 to fill the 5 to the top. Empty the 5. Pour the remainder of the 3 liter bottle (1 liter) into the 5. Fill the 3. Pour the 3 into the 5 liter bottle. 3 + 1 = 4. Moins

FDM Group

Three things occur at once. A baby is crying, a tea kettle is whistling, and the phone is ringing. In which order will you take of the problems and why?

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Turn off the kettle, attend to the baby, and let the phone go to voice mail. Turn off the kettle first because it would be too risky to hold the baby near a stove in operation with steam coming from the kettle. Attend to the baby because once you have removed environmental risks, it is the most critical situation and most immediately resolvable. If the phone cannot be answered before the baby's crying has been resolved, delegate the task of answering to voice mail, and then answer the voice mail at the earliest possible chance. Moins

Take the kettle off so you can hear the caller once you answer the phone. Do these both and you've removed the likely causes of the baby's crying. Moins

Check on the baby in case its a life/death situation then pick up the call because it could be an emergency then deal with the kettle afterwards since its highly unlikely that it could be a lif/death situation Moins

ITC Infotech

What do you know about PLM??

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I am from Electronics background and they are expecting to answer that about PLM(product cycle management) and I somehow managed that question. Moins

product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise. PLM systems help organizations in coping with the increasing complexity and engineering challenges of developing new products for the global competitive markets.[3] Moins


What value can you bring to the company?

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Explained my past experiences and involvement in this job vacancy

The value of getting the job done :)


How do I managed to priorities my work.+ Tech skills QA

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How do I managed to priorities my work.+ Tech skills QA + A

Through the years as an expert in advertising, I have developed a know-how which has allowed me to achieve a successful, technical work methodology. Establishing processes to implement them in the daily life at work and being able to optimise time, establish priorities and have better management control: . Media plan for a flexible and efficient management: elaboration of annual planning in accordance with meeting deadlines which give us a global picture of the status of actions. In this way, tactically, we are able to have global control and reposition our strategy, see the work responsibilities, supervise if timings are being met in order to realise action plans, prioritise actions and improve processes. . Emails and the diary are the principal tools to optimise time and prioritise work. There is maximum proactivity with constant reviews, and exceptional information organising in order to establish priorities and achieve resolutions. . Key- partners: maintaining a strategic line with key partners brings greater value and more synergies. A fluid dialogue with premium supports in order to be the pioneers of innovative content with maximum affinity and quality -> Branding + Branded content. . Synergy with media agencies: daily statuses and feedback, counter briefings and supervision of budgets to see if they are in line with expectations. Implication with branded content to achieve more integration and quality in actions. Proposing the creation of a "dashboard" to have all the information, to be able to follow up and see the results of campaigns in order to establish improvement platforms and identify opportunities. To be able to achieve successful development and improve the foreseen objectives, it is necessary to make daily updates to processes to achieve better control of information management and to make sure that action developments are successful. The key to successfully achieve the objectives: a critical spirit of improvement, a proactive strategy and a visionary focus. Yours faithfully, A. Moins

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