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OpenLink Financial
On a demandé à un Technical Consultant Intern...3 janvier 2014

Create a program that converts temperatures from one unit to another

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Use google to find out how to code this in C, C++, Java, Python, Perl to be prepared Moins

Bain & Company

How would you set up your solution to this case?

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What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?


Invotex Group

Walk me through how you would value a business.

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Basically, they were looking for an understanding of discounted cash flows, WACC, and multiple valuation. Moins


Why choose this company ?

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I said this place was a good start to learn and advance my knowledge in the private sector. I highlighted that knowledge and practicality are important for research and decision making. Also I mentioned about data driven decision making and that was a plus. Moins

Morgan Philips Group

Entretien avec le stagiaire en poste (20min) / puis avec le futur manager (40min) Entretien basique, recruteurs accueillants et ouverts : Présentez-vous / Questions plus approfondies sur mes expériences préalables / Test du niveau d'anglais (parler en anglais de ses passions) / questions sur mes qualités et défauts / pourquoi le recrutement / pourquoi en cabinet

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Qu’a tu répondu à la question « pourquoi en cabinet ? »


Describe a time you had to persuade a coworker.

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Why consulting and why Mastercard?


Give me three of your product achievements? Analysis this process map.

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Mention bottlenecks, agile process, etc


They asked me about my technical experiences

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I shared past technical experiences and how I can apply to this internship.

Bain & Company

Estimate the market size of various consumer products

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Top down approach starting with population

Bain & Company

Por que você escolheu consultoria?

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Eu contei meus reais motivos e porque eu acreditava ter perfil.

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