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Nityo Infotech
On a demandé à un SAP APO ABAP...10 février 2016

mine interview totally based on technical side and also some basic question.

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I had explained from basic to my experience level..

They asked me what are SAP offerings about data analytics and their application to the business process improvement.

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I explained the HANA capabilities, SAP cloud solutions and APO analytics with cognitive computing. That enough to prove that I keep myself updated with the latest trends in SAP solutions. Moins


1. Explain about the RBA Process 2. BOP Process 3. Product Allocation 4.Scope of check 5.CIF Integration Model

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I presented very clear explanations of the aforementioned areas, as well as how I learnt and operated. Moins


Technical round was filled with questions related to SAP APO system Configuration and overall flow .HR round was more of salary discussion round .


Functional APO in Detail Previous Projects Can take work pressure or not Relocation SAP Change Process

Tata Consultancy Services

Describe your current role and responsibilities in APO? Block planning,Vmi planning

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Very bad to say lot things they will ask but they will do in return

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