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On a demandé à un Consultor SAP FI Sênior...15 juillet 2019

Descrever um ponto fraco ... Isso é sempre difícil de se fazer ...

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Minha mania de montar processos padrão para todas as situações no trabalho, quando na realidade elas são dinâmicas, sempre mudam ... Moins


Configuration required for a business using SAP for the first time.

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Period, Fiscal year, Company Code, COA and so on.

Interpublic Group

Some examples of SAP transactions I have used in my previous roles.

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I provided a list of transactions providing some examples of Business processes these were used for in their context. Moins


what are the golden rules of accounting

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1. personal account 2. real account 3. nominal account


journal entries , experience in finance

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correctly , confidently

Munjal Auto Industries Limited (Hero Group)

Even they dont know the answers of questions which they were asking.

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Not recommended


About accounting process

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we need to explain from transations in journal to balance sheet.


Difference between Fiscal year variant and Variant ?

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While fiscal year variant is to define no of posting a period allowed and is assigned to co code, posting period variant is to decide which periods can be opened at particular point of time for posting. ... 2.Posting period variant : here you can open and close the fiscal year months for posting Moins

How will I contribute to team 's performance?

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I responded that i will put my sincere efforts and knowledge in enhancing team's performance. Moins


Process of Payment

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Make them understand process of payment in SAP

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