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On a demandé à Customer Strategy and Activation Consultant (Full-Time)...5 avril 2017

PHONE INTERVIEW: A golf ball and a golf club are $1.10 together. The golf club costs a dollar more than the golf ball. How much is the golf ball?

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I had a hard time, but the woman was super nice about it and I realized I had to use algebra to solve the problem. Just be calm under pressure and you'll do fine. Moins

I don't want to be rude but what kind of Algebra did you have to use ? It seems like a high school level equation to be fair Moins

Really? I guess the only catch is if tax is included.

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Cases all focused on 1 of the 3 sides of the business, so try to brainstorm all the different problems that Dashers, Customers and Merchants face.

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The customer is most important

the clients is very important no costormer no business u have to be flexible be on time Moins

Costormeur satisfaction

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Create a model that predicts profitability for a mailing campaign.

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Given 5 different types of letters and 5 different discount percentages, come up with a model. Moins

A very simple way to approach this problem: profit = number of acquired customers*average sales per customer - cost of mailing campaign. Moins

Dell Technologies

How could you best influence in a matrix organization?

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I’ve had both positive and challenging experiences managing teams across matrix organizations. My most effective approach and advice to my team is that building relationships with all stakeholders in the organization is the strongest tool in your toolbox. In Matrix organizations, there are generally centralized functional experts and location-based leaders. Depending on the organizations philosophy, there is usually a solid line and a dotted line and which position has which reporting structure differs. One manager will have responsibility for results but limited authority. When conflicts arise, team members may play politics and deny a request from the dotted line manager based on the solid line manager’s opposing direction. This is where relationships are crucial. The two managers who share oversight for the employee need to be on the same page and find a way to reach consensus. More importantly, effective matrix structures work best when these guidelines are communicated from day one and the team is cautioned that pitting their managers against each other will not be tolerated and set a zero tolerance for this behavior. If they do not see a cohesive relationship and collaboration, it will send the message that if Mom says no, ask dad ( excuse the expression). If there is not collaboration, performance, productivity and outcomes will suffer. Since organizations are often changing structures and reorganizing, having respectful and collaborative relationships with all members of the organization is my advice to anyone working within this structure. Just my experience and opinion Moins

How to lead in a matrix org leadership: First gather stakeholder perspectives and understand positions, create aspirational targets which reflect the underlying business needs but are responsive to stakeholder perspectives, then develop buy-in by co-creating content with stakeholders and ultimately garner consensus. Moins

Dr. Reddy's Foundation

How will you adapt to this sector? What will you do in your role?

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Human resources management

I try to very best this company is good progress and men power is very good work any situation Moins


What is the yearly consumption of eggs in the USA

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Don't understand the point of this question. Made me feel horrible and was absolutely not necessarily and not respectful. Moins

A case question - like the one you were given - is totally reasonable in an interview for a strategy-related position. They're trying to evaluate your problem-solving skills. I interviewed for the same position and was given a similar question, and past interview reviews make it clear that this is the norm. Moins


What do you think the main profit drivers are for the Xbox division?

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I believe profit drivers for Xbox are downloadable content and in game purchases as well as preorders on up and coming games. They should also receive some income from delivering content from sources like Netflix and HBO Go. Moins

Software, accessories, Xbox Live subscription fee.


What is one thing you want me to remember about you?

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how long did it take them to extend an offer?

It was within a week of my in-person interview. But as we all know, it ranges in each situation. Moins

Swiss Re

The usual things going through your CV...

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explained different projects relevant

different project as in?

United American Insurance

Do you think insurance will be a boring industry?

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According to Medicare, all policies have the same coverage. Helping someone's parents remain self sufficient and feel more secure lesson's the policyholder's worry of becoming a burden to their children. Each policy holder is an important part of someone's life. Making them feel comfortable that they will be properly taken care of and that UA is truly their to provide benefits they need at a low cost will set UA apart from the rest of the industry. Moins

In the context of the question, I think that if your work is truly benefiting someones life then your heart and mind doesn't really focus on if insurance business is boring or not. Moins

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