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On a demandé à IT Strategy and Transformation...17 octobre 2009

If someone who knew you, family/friends, had to give one flaw about yourself, what would it be.

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I try to take on too many things at once.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Group Case study was based on a scenario involving 13 cave explorers who were trapped in a cave. You are part of a rescue crew and need to prioritise who you will save within the given timeframe as water is rising. Each person in the cave has a short bio of which will influence your decision (e.g. one person is a doctor, another is a child, another a criminal etc). Once complete, staff will act like reporters and ask why the solution was presented and why people were left to die (if that is your result) and what you would tell the families. Individual case study is based on a 'consulting scenario' where you meet a client at a conference and they have a set of challenges they require advise for. As a consultant, you represent Cognizant and need to discuss a proposed solution to help the client solve their problem.

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Group case study - be as vocal, disruptive and controlling as possible. Ensure you answer first at all times. Don't leave any stone unturned. Individual case study - wait till your case study has already been presented by the other candidate in order to formulate a better solution. Outline the challenge and a structured solution/proposal to how you would help the client. Moins


Regular behavioural questions such as how did you manage difficult situations etc?


The business case had to do with moving to paper to electronic. It was a very standard case interview with no curveballs.


What three words would your family members use to describe you


Why company and why this role?

Grant Thornton

Situation where you resolved conflict within a group?

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