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PNC Financial Services Group
On a demandé à un Continuous Improvement Process Engineer...10 avril 2014

Explain a situation where you had to navigate a difficult political landscape.

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I described my situation when I first entered my last job. The established members of my team weren't very receptive to new authority but I was able to show them the respect and support that they needed in order to gain their trust and make a great work environment. Moins

Stick to the FACTS.

I explained some issues on my current project.

Magic Leap

Fundamentals of continuous improvement and all questions were based on resume experience.

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Another great piece of content from Rooftop Slushie:

There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully Magic Leap Continuous Improvement Engineer experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. Moins

ABC Technologies

How do you stay motivated throughout your day when you have several competing tasks?

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Ability to write everything down, set levels of priority and sub-goals within your day to keep motivated. Also, be clear and open with your colleagues and superior if support is needed. Moins


Why Paccar?, Tell me about yourself?, Brief your experience related to the Job?

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Found excellent read:

Tetra Pak

You have 40 mins to read through a several page long business case and come up with a good analysis / plan.

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Can you please share an example of the business case? Thanks

SSW Holding

What was your most recent accomplishment

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Tell me about a time when a customer is not satisfied with your product and what did you do? Moins

SSW Holding

Tell me about yourself

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Where do you see yourself in next 5 years

Kraft Heinz Company

Talk about a time you had to work with a difficult coworker. What did you do? What would you do differently now?

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I was working with a coworker in the project, and differed with him on his way to work so I asked him to do a different job so as not to waste time and effort If repeated he will ask him to see the right way to see the result and applies himself And so we all benefit Moins


How practical is Lean Six Sigma?

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Any way

Anchor Glass

Tell me a little about yourself.

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Gave a brief overview of my past experiences and how I can positively impact the company to achieve goals. Moins

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