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On a demandé à un Senior Accountant...29 septembre 2022

Standard experience questions


Do you have any questions?

Cushman & Wakefield

Why do you want to become an accountant?

Koch Industries

What is your long term goal?


Talk through experiences to date

Clipper Logistics

Asking me about the personality test, like "Is that you"? - without seeing the report before so when you are in the interview you do not have time to read the report.

Riot Games

What is prepaid, what is an accrual? Specific situations where you need to apply your knowledge of revenue recognition and the matching principle. Journal entry knowledge How do you organize your time? What would you do if a coworker who knows the answer to your question is busy and has not responded to you?


What is your experience with ASC 606?

Which all software you know well which will help our company to grow


What do you know about assurance? Tell us about a time you failed. Tell us about yourself.

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