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Government of Canada
On a demandé à Coop Student...21 avril 2018

What are three words others would choose to describe you?

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Smart worker Team player Humanity

Change agent Detailed Punctual

Detailed Change Agent Punctual

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If given an infinite amount of memory, whats the fastest way to reverse an array?

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Allocate an array of equal size and write the last index of original array to 0th index of 1st array .. (n-1)th to 1st index and so on Moins

Use a temp variable and do swap for half of the array

Split the array in half, reverse them, split the two in half, reverse them, etc. until you cannot reverse anymore. Moins


The coding test was difficult. They give very little time and you need to produce the correct output. This is to see how you perform under pressure.

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What kind of coding Question they will ask? any tips?

What kind of coding Question they will ask? any tips?

Any input on the short answer qustions?

Windsor Salt

Why do you consider yourself as a good candidate for this position

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I’m hard working, smart and punctual. Work well in a group or as a individual. Safety is always a priority. Have common sense, Strong trouble shooting skills Moins

Have lived in the area 35+ years looking for steady work have a family to support. Thanks for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon Moins

10 years of forklift driving experience


How many yellow cars are there in Waterloo, Ontario?

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Show your thought process and clearly voice any assumptions.


2, What is the usage of pointer in C.

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Pointers are used to access specific memory locations and its values. One main usage for pointers in C is to allocate memory within the Head. Moins



Come up a most efficient way to determine if a integer is odd or even.

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int number = ...; if(number % 2) { odd } else { even }

Compilers are smart enough to understand the result of n%2. Don't over-complicate it. Moins

Panasonic Automotive

Had I ever built Linux from source.

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I was honest and said I hadn't. Felt like a softball question in that lots of tech nerds have done it, though, so it felt like the hiring manager was looking for a reason to give me the thumbs up. Moins

Can you be more specific about softball question? Thanks


Why should we hire you?

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Just typical questions asked in an interview

I have worked in similar field for so many years and I shall enhance my skill and utilize my experience to achieve the company goal in for better way. Moins

General Motors (GM)

Why do you think you'd be a good fit in this team.

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Hard to answer because I didn't know the team, but basically talked about my compatibility with people. Moins

i like model

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