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Hindawi Publishing
On a demandé à un Copy Editor...14 mars 2014

What are your weaknesses?

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was the interview in English?

Be fair and intelligent in answering this question.

The Times of India

Besides the general questions like "Tell us a little about yourself," other questions were "What beats have you covered so far or would be comfortable with?" "Would you be open to relocation later" etc

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Question answer


Do you know what Search Engines are?

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Search Engines are there to help internet users search for their required business or general information. Moins

Search engines are also the source which allow a certain article to be in the top 5 in the searchlist through the optimization of the keywords present. Moins

Hindustan Times

No questions were asked. I was warned that there would be no work life balance.

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I was interviewed a week ago. After a week i called the HR person twice & texted her too, but i got no answer for my efforts. Should i wait or let's assume it as no. Moins

Depends on where you live. If you are in Mumbai, please don't bother. If Delhi, then just push a bit more until you get a definite yes or no. Moins

HT Media

no questions asked, deputy editor just went on about journalism

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You shut up, you disqualified my husband even after he was selected by the concerned manager at Airoli. Digital marketing and journalism are two very different aspects. I have friends working in network 18 and I am proud to have written blogs for them. Moins

keep your mouth shut if you want a job as a copy editor and want to do anything interesting Moins

Investors Business Daily

Name something you wish you regret at your previous job and would do differently here.

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Not get involved in other people's business, it creates conflict.

I've never been asked but this sure would send up a red flag. I think I'd turn it back on the interviewer and ask them tell me more about the question, e.g., Can you tell me more about the question, e.g., will I work with people in the office who are considered difficult? Maybe you could tell me what you consider to be difficult? I've worked with many different types of people, many different personalities. Moins

The Agora

Our articles typically are right-leaning, are you comfortable with editing this type of material?

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Scientific Publishing Services

Why you relieved from the previous company?

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The project got over hence ultimately i have to search for new job thats why am here. Moins

I had been with the organization for 2 years and wanted to continue growing, Looking for a better opportunity and facing new challenges. Moins

Spandidos Publications

I was asked about the company and its journals.

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When did you interview and get a response by?

I did my research before hand.

The Daily Meal

How can I be sure you're not going to leave New York after you graduate?

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I explained that I'm looking to stay in the position for at least a year or two.

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