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On a demandé à un Corporate Attorney...7 mai 2015

Strengths and Weaknesses

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I do not remember


Tell me about your self? Why you choose Citi?

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In my own wards

White & Case

Tell me a challenging situation you have been in, and how you navigated it?

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Gave an anecdote using a M&A transaction I worked on.

Clifford Chance

Pourquoi rejoindre Clifford Chance

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Portée internationale du cabinet - volonté de travailler sur des grand dossiers internationaux Moins

Practice Fusion

During the interview process, the interviewer asked for the application and interpretation of a regulatory provision.

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Analyzed and applied - and thought about the relevance to the company's business. Moins

Baker McKenzie

What would you change in your last job?

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Be less conservative.

I was asked if an EU citizen works in Romania for a short period how would his/her taxes and social contributions be managed

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Depending on the exact number of days of stay on Romanian territory, the EU citizen may or not be subject to the Romanian fiscal provisions Moins


About my recent jobs, functions, tasks. My degrees and experiences concerning the job description.

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I was straightforward.


All the standard questions.

Fuel Cycle

Are you comfortable with being the only counsel in the company?

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