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Graham Packaging
On a demandé à un Corporate Counsel...8 octobre 2017

What was your salary (starting and ending) at your last position? What was your salary (starting and ending) at your prior job? etc.

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Graham is based in TN now because they merged with 2 sister companies. When they merged, the CEO from TN (one of the sister companies) became CEO of the newly merged company and he doesn't want to move. Rank is actually based in Chicago (for the USA). Rank is really a New Zealand company. It's pretty sad that a once great LOCAL company is now part of some international conglomerate. It is slowly being chipped away (multiple layoffs) and probably will be gone completely in the near future. Moins

Are you sure the interviewer was based out of Texas?? Graham is a subsidiary of the Rank group, based out of Tennessee. Moins

The interviewer was absolutely from Texas (they had a 469 (Dallas) area code).

Ashford, Inc.

Experience with transactional legal work

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My background was litigation, with no transactional experience. I said I was interested in learning more, but couldn’t claim past practice. Moins


What will be the most important thing for you in your next position?

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The work environment should be positive and the team should help each other. The growth and learning should be good. Moins

the LEGO Group

I think I was asked: "What is most important to you in a job."

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I think I answered: "to feel valued, have opportunities to grow, to be appreciated and to be part of a positive culture. Moins


How does your work-style match with Groupon?

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This was the only "throw you off" interview type question. Most of the questions were more of a discussion based on my past experience. Moins


What experience do you have with corporate franchisee litigation?

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I reviewed my history with regard to trying to be a corporate franchisee and discussed my understanding of the separation of the entities. Moins


Why am I looking for a new job.

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I am looking for new challenges within the industry.

Sovereign Health Group

Only wanted to know what my salary expectations was and when I stated that she cannot ask that question anymore in California, she said, "I know" but what is it.

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This company has multiple legal issues and I would have expected their questions to be around being able to address those issues and instead I got an admin with no regard for the law. Needless to say, even if called, I would not declined the interview with the CEO. Moins


Q: What is your salary range?

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When I said commensurate with experience, she pushed several times for a number. "I HAVE to put something on the form.." sorry lady, I think the form is your job, not mine. Moins

Michigan State University

Why did you leave your last similar position?

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Company was sold and moved out of state.

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