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On a demandé à un Cost Accountant...5 juin 2012

How do you cost a product?

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It all depend in materials used, labors, packaging and delivery cost.

it all depend in materials used labors,packaging,and delivery ,That call product cost. Moins

Cost of product includes Direct Labour + Direct Material+ Direct FOH (factory Overheads). The total cost divided by total no of units produced gives you cost per unit. Moins

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Paul Davis Restoration

Why do I feel I would belong

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I gave the honest truth. It worked

I give the honest truth is worked


How many types of accounting

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Cost Accounting Financial accounting Management accounting

1. Financial accounting, 2. Cost accounting 3. Managerial accounting,

Spudnik Equipment

How would you summarize a large amount of data in an Excel spreadsheet

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Pivot Table

Why I wanted a change

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I am looking to relocate

If the client ask for amendment of the contract to perform cost saving to do some changes in the specs. How would you deal with that?

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I don't prefer any cost saving unless it is really needful by the client and no way to avoid it due to valuable reasons. As cost control/accountant for a contractor we aim for a big bulk of work and diversity and bring more values to the company instead of omitting by doing cost saving for the client. I do seek to have more variations from the client and his engineer / consultant. Moins

Kinross Gold

What do you know about the gold extraction Process

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Review the principles of CIL

Par Pharmaceutical Companies

Are you willing to work longer hours during month end close

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PTI Technologies

Why are you interested in the company?

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Aerospace is of great importance to our country's infrastructure and I would like to be an active team member to the organization. Moins

ALDO Group

What is retail costing method?

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It is a method of costing to evaluate the ending balance of inventory based on cost-to-retail price ration. Cost divided by retail price equals to Cost-to-retail percentage, Cost of opening balance of Inventory plus Cost of purchasing inventory during period which gives the cost of goods available for sale, Cost of Sales will be calculated by Sales times to Cost-to-retail percentage then Calculate ending inventory by deducting Cost of goods available for sale minus Cost of sales during the period. Moins

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