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On a demandé à un Casual Courier Driver...3 avril 2018

How your experience with as a driver?

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Uber driver with more than 5000 trips.

I need driver job

I need driver job

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DHL Express

How much time i can work

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I can work long hours,it depends the time and situation,there's still work next day to prepare to Moins

I can work 16 hours or more depend on the situation like when there are things need to be done. Moins

I can work overtime as it is needed to be done

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One Motion Logistics

Would you like to work for us.

2 réponses

Yes (stupidly)

100% TRUE!! they are a scam gang!! Report them to ombudsmanand claim £10.000 in compensation!! Moins

Quest Diagnostics

Are you comfortable driving in inclement weather?

2 réponses

I had answered yes as I have been doing that many other times at two previous jobs for the past 7 years. Moins

Drug test

One Motion Logistics

Do you take drugs

1 réponses

No, which is a fact.


They want to make sure you can work 5 days a week unless you are a part timer.

1 réponses

Part time work


How flexible and accommodating could be.

1 réponses

N problems in meeting this requirement.


Experience of delivery driving

1 réponses

18 months


Driving license?

1 réponses

Submitted License


Why did I want to go to work at LabCorp?

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I am seeking a position with a career in a lab oriented service as a courier/delivery driver. Moins

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