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On a demandé à CRA...1 mars 2019

1. Limited time on site, say 3 hours, what would you do. 2. What is done at an average visit...make sure to include meeting with coordinator and PI 3. How to increase contacts with the PI, or handle a very busy PI. 4. Finished early...asked if any extra structure, whether using CTMS--they use Inform and CTMS, except for a few old studies where -oh no Lotus notes are used. So don't say anything about not liking Lotus notes, though no one does.

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IQVIA is very bad at getting back to applicants ..I had the original interview March 1 and I am still waiting to finalize details, and fortunately have another position. I might try to contact an internal recruiter (IQVIA recruiter only) to determine if the application is being reviewed. IQVIA doesn't like dealing with third party recruiters, for eg kelly, barrington-james, etc. You can find these on linkedin, message these recruiters or email. Enter IQVIA recruiter into search terms. Moins

Hello, thank you for posting about your experience. I applied online about 3 weeks ago and my job application status has been "Active" any idea what exactly that means and if I am still being considered? Moins

Thanks for your information. I have been waiting for reply from IQVIA for months now. Moins

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PRA Health Sciences

The phone questions threw me off guard the most, like naming the elements of an ICF

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it helped a lot, Thanks.! Good luck at your New Job.

How the heck could you be thrown off by those questions???

There are quite a few elements to the ICF. The first is an overview of the trial and trial subjects that will be involved, along with duration. Then it will provide an overview of assessments, randomization , etc. Risk, Injury, Cost, and Confidentiality language is covered too. And it will state that it is voluntary, and the subject has had an opportunity to ask questions. Again, there are other elements, but I think I have covered some of the main ones. Hope this helps. Moins


Can you do other duties other than those of a CRA?

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That's not what I want to do.

This is an interesting question and answer. Would a recruiter/HR person/interviewer please explain what is the purpose of this question, and what are you expecting to get as a good answer? Thanks in advance! Moins


Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a client?

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Explain a specific example. Do not be vague. Be specific and concise. Show the situation, what your action to the situation was and then the resolution. Always make it end well ;) Moins

Hey man! I'm doing the interview this Friday! do you remember the case study question by any chance? or any tips to prepare for that. Thanks man, and I hope to see you as a co-worker soon. Moins


No real difficult questions: How do you organize yourself, what components should be in ICF, what would you do if you went to a site where patients had not signed HIPAA

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8 basic elements in the ICF: 1. Statement that participation is voluntary and refusal will not lose any benefits they're entitle to . Discontinuation is ok at any time during trial without any penalty or loss. 2. Reasonable foreseen risks 3. Study involves research/ duration/ procedure/ product experimental 4. To whom contact in case of trial related injury/ protocol questions/ subject's rights/ questions about research 5. Compensation or treatment available if trial related injury 6. Statement that monitor/ auditor/ IRB and regulatory authorities have access to original records w/o violating confidentially. 7. Alternate procedures or treatments with potential risks and benefits 8. Description of benefits; if none, must tell. Moins

Interviews were very pleasant.


what's in form 1152, what i did as a CRA and such. what system i use for EDC.

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what is form 1152??

To the best of my knowledge.


What is an SAE and what 3 things qualify as one?

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1. Results in death 2. Results in short or long term disability 3. Results in congenital abnormalities or birth defects Moins

Serious Adverse Event


Why do you want to work in our company?

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Hello! I am willing to work there due to the wish to be involved into exciting process of clinical research that is loved by me a lot,there is an opportunity to continuously develop,grow,realize ambitions and also always being in line with pharma industry news and innovations. Personally,I was involved into the clinical trials for more than 7 years as an assistant of clinical trial investigator.Now,it is time to grow. Thank you. Moins

INC Research

What do you do at the site if you find an ICF missing? (The others I don't remember from 3,5 years view)

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Have site staff contact the patient and if possible to come in and provide patient's copy. If not, further investigation of the location of the signed ICF. In case of a proved missing ICF, escalation of the safety issue asap to project team. Moins

INC Research

My knowledge and experience in clinical studies

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I told all about myself

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