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R.R. Donnelley
On a demandé à un Creative Services Project Manager - In-Store Marketing...17 août 2017

Are you still interested in the job?

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I am still keen on pursuing this opportunity. I would like to have an opportunity to discuss and wow. Moins

Rinnai America

Tell us a time you managed a creative project and what was the outcome.

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When it was apparent that Covid was taking control of the travel.I instituted a training webinar program for the company. This was to keep contractors distributors and sales reps all in the loop of everything that was going on with the manufacturer and it’s training program. Working through many obstacles as simple as the right type of background for the type of training to the Internet speed were we able to achieve to perform the flawless presentation. Moins

This is a verbose statement

Please submit answer as stands

Capital One

What experience do I have in motivating teams and how did I do it?

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I motives some girls to come in a relationship with my friends. And i achieve success many times. Without it no motivating experience i ahve yet Moins

It's only one word, Wonderful


What are you goals for this position? Why should we hire you?

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To grow, learn and create cohesive and effective B2B marketing materials.

Publicis Groupe

My previous experience

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Honestly and Confidently


They stress the corporate nature of the company in most questions. Skills assessments were high on list also

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Sounded similar to a bank, not an issue.


What is one thing that annoys you in the workplace?

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Lack of integrity. I get annoyed by people who commit to things and don't follow through. Once I identify people who lack integrity I do my best to avoid interacting with them, and if they are part of my team I hold them accountable. Moins

Capital One

When did I face a challenge when working with a colleague and how did I overcome it?

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Just remove them from my mind and focus on my work

Universal Pictures

Why do you want to work in an industry that is going out of business?

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At the time I was just in need of a job so I answered like this: I have always wanted to work for Universal Pictures and I figure if I can at least get a shot and do my best every day, I have a shot at opening doors for myself in the future. Moins

Lockton Companies

Aside from a short introduction, she only asked two questions. What are some negative characteristics that I possess, and what was a negative work experience I had in the past and how did I address it.

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I answered them in the typical way by stating how I addressed the the situation with a positive outlook, resolved the issue and then revisited the issue post-mortem to correct the process going forward. Moins

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