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Comment faire l'analyse de la qualité de crédit d'une entreprise ?

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Based of FCF, leverage ratio, coverage ratio stability of the FCF, analysing the business risks. Probably do a scenario analysis as well.

How can you assess the solvency of a company ? Which ratios do you use ?

The interview is about no technical questions, generally about the motivation. What is your graduation time? Do you have work authorization in Beijing? Why do your academic and professional background fit the job? What do you know about the position? What is the skill that you don't have and want to gain in this program? Any other things that you don't mention about yourself? What language can you speak other than English?

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Comment se finance des opérations de BFR et structurées (LBO,MBO,OBO, trade financing...)

Pensez-vous que la sous-traitance automobile est une activité cyclique ?

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