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On a demandé à un Customer Support Engineer...27 novembre 2013

Question 1: You have a railroad track that run along the equator of the earth. You build a second railroad track exactly one meter above the first track. What is the increase in length?

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Well, assuming the equation is 2*pi*(R+1)-2*pi(R), I think the correct answer should be 2*pi Moins

Yeah, it is 2*pi...

There is no increase in length. Rather there will be decrease in lenght as equator had the largest radius on the ellipsoid of earth. Moins

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Question 3: Write a program in whatever language you like that solves for the factorial of a number.

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import java.util.Scanner; class Factorial { public static void main(String args[]) { int n, c, fact = 1; System.out.println("Enter an integer to calculate it's factorial"); Scanner in = new Scanner(; n = in.nextInt(); if ( n < 0 ) System.out.println("Number should be non-negative."); else { for ( c = 1 ; c <= n ; c++ ) fact = fact*c; System.out.println("Factorial of "+n+" is = "+fact); } } } Moins

Fortran program fact integer ans,num print*, 'Enter an integer to find its factorial' read(*,*)num if( stop ans = rec(num) write(*,*)ans end program recursive function rec(n) result(f) integer,intent(in):: n integer f if(n.eq.0) then f=1 else f = n*rec(n-1) endif end function Moins

My example was not great. I suggested looking online for more sophisticated answers Moins


How would you build Snapchat on Google Cloud Platform?

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1. For Mobile users to access, you can use services like Cognito. 2. Web, App - you can have EBS or Docker (ECS) since AWS is going to maintain them and it's extremely scalable and no need to patch or worry about anti-virus. 3. Database: You can use Aurora/RDS as it's fantastic and AWS manages it. 4. When users sign-in or the app wants to send notifications, you can use SNS coupled with Lambda (Event Based) 5. All photos and videos can be stored in S3 bucked and after certain period of time, you can archive to Glacier. 6. Now to the big stuff, where you want to learn about user behavior and their preference etc, and to process all those big data, you can have setup like EMR (Hadoop) and use Redshift (Data warehouse) and use Amazon Quicksight for showing the trends, graphs. Or you can use Microsoft BI or Tableau. Moins

You can replace everything I said above (AWS) with GCP services.

Basic architecture: 1) Web and Mobile users 2) Web, App and DB instances 3) File storage 4) Notification services 5) Archiving Solution 6) Big data analytics Solution for user preference and understanding user mentality to target ads. Moins

Cisco Systems

They asked behavioral and technical questions

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Which technical questions were asked?

They gave several scenarios, kinda had to think on your feet. They also had me review a document and give a conscience explanation about it after and asked lots of questions Moins

Thank you :)


If there was a train track that went around the equator and you wanted to build an additional track one foot off the surface, how much additional track would you need?

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2*pi*(r+1) - 2*pi*r = 2*pi

2pi additional feet of track

remember that r should be in meters for this to hold true. If r is in feet then the correct answer is 2*pi * 0.3048 Moins

Cisco Systems

If you have a customer on phone, the manager want something from you, and you have a customer waiting your reply via mail, what is the best practice way to handle this.

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For this situation, the customer on phone is the highest priority, because if this customer is not on hurry and want an urgent support, he will not call the support team to ask for help, then will check the manager and the mail for the customer, and see which one is the highest priority. Moins

The customer on phone is first priority. I would also let the manager know that i have a customer on phone. If the customer email is urgent, i would take care of that next and keep manager informed of situation. If the customer email doesn't have a timeline, i would handle the manager need 2nd. Moins


After qualifying the 3 coding rounds, which by then already 80-90% of them are filtered out, 3 interviews will be held. One will be an HR interview and 2 will be technical interviews. This won't be the normal DS algos and DB questions, but core questions on networking, selenium, and OS. There are high chances that the questions might be repeated from previous years. Prepare those set of questions first, be it for any round.

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So, basically in selenium who will be asked to any website, track a path, and print the required data asked in the question. During my test, it was to print the name, price, and URL for all the Samsung phones available in Flipkart in ascending order using selenium. In the server coding round, we had to print 10 characters(be it numbers or letters) in the log file and print those print 10 numbers on the client-side webpage without reloading or updating the client-side. One restriction which I can recall was to display only the last 10 characters, should not display more than that. You can find similar questions in glassdoor and geeksforgeeks for browserstack past questions. Moins

Edit - you will be asked to visit any website *

I didnt know much networking and OS.


Write a verilog code to swap data with and without a temp register.

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nonblocking assignment a<=b; b<=a;

Another way: a = a + b b = a - b a = a - b


1. What is DNS?

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Stands for Domain Name Service

It is the Data Source Name, which is a data-structure that contains the information about a specific database that a ODBC (open database connectivity driver) needs in order to connect to it. Moins


Given a group of 8 identical items, one of which weighs either more or less than the other 7 (which all have the same weight), what are the least number of steps required to determine the odd item and if it weighs more or less than the others using a two-sided balance scale.

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Put 3 each on both sides, if they weigh the same than put the other 2, one on each and see what is different. Done in 2 steps Moins

3. You also have to determine if it weights more or less than others

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