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ReedHein & Associates
On a demandé à un Customer Relations and Experience Manager...16 octobre 2017

Tell me about your work history.

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Basic overview of what you've done in the past.

TI Communities

I was asked to just decribe myself and tell a little bit about what I enjoy doing and about past employment.

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With a lot of enthusiam of course!

Codis Group

This what you’re looking for

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Depends on how this interview goes


My previous experiences, some statements from my CV...

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Honestly, they encourage you to be yourself during the interview.


How do you go about forecasting?

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Realistically forecast. Forecast in 3 tiers: Worst Case, Most Likely and Best Case. If only a certain amount I know for sure is coming in, I only forecast that amount, I don't "fluff" my forecast to be larger, If I know deals won't come in. Moins


Second interview stage with non HR person did not match original description of theain the interviewer rapidly lost interest which was not great as expreinces go and made statements not really reflective my current role or skills

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That l was not merely a consultant but very hands on at which point the interest in me was not there anyway. Skills and job requirements should match from the onset felt mislead as l had been honest about my skills from the start of the process, too much emphasis on whether l could hand,e pressure which does not provide encouraging signs of the company. Need to be clear, honest and fair Moins


What was the thing that really "clicked" for you, and made you initially interested in marketing in PR?

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When I knew how much i enjoyed connecting individuals together, and the extreme interest I had in managing social media accounts for various clients based on past experience. Moins

ReedHein & Associates

What first attracted you to the job?

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Open to your own interpretation but I would suggest focusing on the company's mission, vision or value and find a way to connect to what they stand for. Or, the job itself. What, in the job description, is going to make you passionate about what you will be doing. Moins

City of Portland (Oregon)

"Please provide examples that demonstrate your knowledge of customer service standards, principles, practices and techniques; including marketing principles and practices. "

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This was difficult because it was so open and covers so much. It wasn't clear what skill or competency they were trying to assess. Moins

Weber Shandwick

tell me about yourself

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