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Delta Air Lines
On a demandé à Customer Service Agent...12 avril 2017

describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer? what was the outcome?

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oh ok.. hopefully not that much longer

I've been asking agents that and they said they do give proper notice in time

oh ok.. when I was in the room I did see her come in and use the computer

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Delta Air Lines

Describe a time when you were under stressed ? What happened? What was your actions ? What was the solution ?

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haha omg me too! it's sooo bad i need to do better! i did hirevue interview the 28th and i got the interview for the face to face today! i Moins

Hate the waiting game too! I doubt they'll call me for a f2f... I suck lol

i submitted my video interview and still waiting for a response too !

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Delta Air Lines

Please give an example in a situation you were stressed? What was the situation? What actions did you take? What were the results?

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Did you get hired on the spot ^^^

No I did not! Did u?!

if not hired on the spot then you will have to wait for a response or there's a chance you didn't get it :( Moins

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Air Canada

What did you do when a group member was not involved in the project, and what was the result?

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No, I had to put if I got the offer or not before posting the interview questions, so I just clicked a random one. They told me I'll hear back in two weeks. Moins

ii had the f2f interview the same day.. they also said i’ll hear back in two weeks.. did you guys had a math/personality test to do? Moins

I had the interview on March 17, 2018 in Calgary too for the temporary part time position and I haven’t hear anything either! I guess we should be patience! Good luck! :) Moins

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Southwest Airlines

tell us about a time you had an employee that didn't see eye to eye with you

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Lol am waiting on that soon as I did my fingerprints a spoke to Debbie...she said everything was good to go...shes just awaiting word from am guessing there still checking the background checks...we just have to be patient. Moins have to get on Swalife...once you do that there are some videos u have to see, no test just videos showing you things about the company, then it says congratulations and shows you a boarding pass Moins

To my knowledge All we are doing in Chicago is taking a picture for our badge I think & probably paperwork I honestly don't know anything. I haven't received anymore calls. Do you know exactly when we leave for Dallas? Do you know what our Day 1 consist of? Or even the time lol Moins

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Delta Air Lines

what was one of the toughest situations you expierenced, how did you handle it?

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good luck to you

Good luck! I just did my virtual interview on Monday so this helps ease my mind that they will contact me!!!! Moins

After you completed your virtual interview, what was the next email you received? I did my video interview & I'm still waiting. What does the next email say? Moins

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What is customer service for you

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Serve the customers efficiently to their needs.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

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they won't tell you that you will work for free the first two weeks and wont be officially hired until yo write for deals, that comes after you have commited and starting to work there. htese are all facts

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What's the turn over rate in the South Florida office? Don't worry you will probably get a less than accurste answer from the regional manager. Moins

I heard they have great reviews because they offer bonuses to the employees who post them. Cash bonuses, t shirts crape like that. But if you read the reviews the employees all state working there lead than a year. So some of this has to be crap or else why the high turnover rate. Moins

Its about time this stuff is exposed for what it is...

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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co

what is your name ?

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My name is Manish Khandelwal.

Bowa datt

Madan Anand

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Air Canada

Tell me about a time where you had to make a difficult choice, but either way, the result would negatively effect someone.

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Thank you so much! I am waiting for the face to face interview in Montreal!

Best of luck! Always remember that being yourself is the best possible trait you can offer for any interview. If the job isn't for you, it only means that your fit for something else, most likely something even better! So don't stress too much! Moins

Thanks and yes you’re right, we’re on the same page, if it’s for me it’ll work out if not, next time! Moins

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