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What would you do if a customer is angry about you on call?

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Don't frighten him although he deserves a roundhouse kick to the liver.

I will let hime first say all what he want without any cut for his talks then i will apologies for him if my talks or way make him angry and will tell him that my responsibility is to make him happy and to get his best satisfaction

I'd tell him to calm down and explain clearly what the problem is. Then, I would apologize if there was any misunderstanding and offer him or her a solution that satisfies him/her as a client.

Quelles sont vos qualités et vos défauts ?

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They asked me if there was any situation in relation with a customer that I can talk about and where I had to solve a problem for instance

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what's your computer broadwidth ?

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- Pourriez-vous présenter votre parcours professionnel ? - Qu'avez-vous pu comprendre de notre activité et du poste à pourvoir ? - Quelles sont vos motivations à rejoindre notre équipe ?

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Avez-vous des questions sur l'entreprise ?

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Comment vous positionner vous par rapport à vos collaborateurs

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Que dites vous a un client si son appartement ne se loue pas?

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I was then sent a link to various online tests, one of which was of a technical nature. When I began this technical test (8 minutes in duration), the first questions that came up were highly specific to Windows 10 - an operating system which I have never used, because I have used a MacBookPro for the past ten years or so.

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