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Thermo Fisher Scientific
On a demandé à un Cyber Security...7 mai 2017

Tell me about​ yourself?

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I’m a fantastic person looking to pay my bills

I am a hairdresser for 23 years looking for different opportunities with benefits Moins

I am a hairdresser for 23 years looking for different opportunities with benefits Moins

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US Air Force

Do you have a high school diploma?

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Yes. Here it is.



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What is your availability and ability to get the job done

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I am available 24/7 whenever wherever


I am available full time


What is the CIA Triad?

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Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability*

“These three letters stand for confidentiality, integrity, and availability, otherwise known as the CIA triad. Together, these three principles form the cornerstone of any organization's security infrastructure; in fact, they (should) function as goals and objectives for every security program.” Moins

confidentiality, integrity, accountablity

Metropolitan State University

Have you had much teaching experience?

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Yes, I had taught numerous levels in education and in within non-education positions. Moins


Best Buy

What is the difference between UDP and TCP?

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TCP establishes connection before data transfer is done. In addition, any packet loss during transmission is re-transmitted for reliability. In UDP no connection is established before data is transferred. Moins

How long did it take you to get the offer after the inteview ?

Sitel Group

What are the three pillars of information security ?

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Confidentiality, integrity and availability CIA

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

Corporate Risk Solutions (Kansas)

They are so rigid in their interview process that I beleive they overlook talent and are focused on people passing Dr. Mercer's tests

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three of the people I interviewed with were somewhat disgruntled with the company... overworked. Moins

At the end of a 3 hour interview that went perfectly, I was told I'd meet the president of the company. Prez came in and said, "I have 5 minutes." He showed me a bad photocopy of the company's core values... status quo. I said, Yes! I agree. He asked me, "The client is always right. True or false?" I said, "Well, the short answer is 'yes, of course! But for the past decades there's a much larger understanding of customer relationships... and it involves developing a partnership and strong supply chain" . They never called me to inform me of the interview result. I reached out the the company director who never took or returned my calls. No wonder that outfit had a non-stop search for production supervisors and process engineers. The company will be gone in a few years. Moins


Will you be able to work nights?

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Yes, I am willing to work the night shift.


SRA International

You have gained access to a Web server with a SQL backend. What SQL command could be used to gain access to the SQL database's underlying Operating System?

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EXEC xp_cmdshell 'dir *.exe';


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