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On a demandé à un Database Developer...5 décembre 2022

Describe a time you were faced with a difficult challenge. How did you go about solving that challenge?


What is a primary key?

Morgan Stanley

simple sql stuff, some stuff about execution plan.


What is the default port number for Oracle 12c

BNY Mellon

Behavioral questions mostly in Bar raiser.


Mainly about work experience and typical DB development questions (transactions, indexes, partitioning, etc.)


Dense rank questions and order by

Decimal Technologies

All questions were related to database like differences between function and procedures, Dense_rank and rank function, delete the duplicates, union and union all, why truncate is faster then delete etc


What is a CTE and how would you use it? (After giving my answer, he said he never uses CTEs in their codebase, so why ask about them?)


What is your experience in accounting?

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