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On a demandé à un Manager Database Marketing...18 octobre 2016

Tell me about your current role and job duties

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My name is fernando bonnet I'm entertainment and intructor i been working for costa cruise about 7 year i speak 3 idioms Spanish inglish Italian and Portuguese perfectly , French a little bit Moins

Ordinary seamen

Tech Mahindra

Questions were not difficult.

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Straight forward answers. No case studies..

NHS Digital

Please explain previous work you have done

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I fumbled a little but the interviewee was very helpful and didn't mind when I tripped over my words Moins


A lot of database candidates were unfamiliar with the concept of multitenant databases.

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Some candidates did have experience in this area but were just unfamiliar with the industry terminology for it. Moins

Haver Analytics

What are your plans in 5 years?

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Take a minute and add to your regular answer that you want to continue education in your field. Moins


Will you work long unpaid hours?

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Mount Sinai Health System

Do you have work samples?

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Denver Public Schools

Can you input data?

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Montefiore Medical

how do you get the team to support the processes without offshore support?

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we need to have a 3rd shift rotation. But are you aware that people are overworked already? What incentive will i have @ my disposal to encourage staff to perform in this new environment? Moins

Haver Analytics

Name three top economic indicators

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GDP, Employment, inflation

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