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First Step Learning Center
On a demandé à un Daycare Teacher...19 septembre 2016

Are you good with kids?

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Of course! I love teaching kids and seeing kids grow both physically and mentally! I have kids of my own and they are a blast. So working with kids is normal for me. Moins

Yes, I believe I am. I have babysat kids for a few years and have tutored children and I always have enjoyed working with them and they have enjoyed working with me! I love seeing them grow mentally and physically Moins

Stepping Stone School

How would you comfort a crying child?

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hug them and give them an activity to avert their attention.

I would have them come over by me and depending on their ability I would ask them what’s wrong and why they’re feeling the way do. I would try to comfort them and then try to get them to do an activity to occupy their mind. Moins

Old Fort Academy

Why do you want to work with children?

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I said because I grew up babysitting and it just something I've always enjoyed.

I love working with children and seeing them grow, and I have passion to provide activities for them engage in. I also have the patience to work with children, which not everyone has! Moins

LadyBird Academy

How do you punish a child?

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Timeout is not the answer. Talk to the child about what was wrong and give them something new to do instead. Moins

Mango’s Place

What techniques do you use to help children become better?

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I use redirection, and try to understand the child’s point of view.

Roseville, CA

What special skills could you bring to this Adventure club?

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Share something that make you unique. If you played a sport in high school, if you're crafty, if you know a specific culture or dance, if you know alot of children's songs, if you enjoy science, etc... anything could work as long as its unique. A bad answer would be "I like children." That's too generic and doesn't tell the employer about yourself. Moins

Do you have any experience?

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I most recently was an activity coordinator at a nursing and rehab home. I provided activities for the elderly and disabled. I also have experience working with children and special needs as a student tutor in elementary classrooms. In addition I have also babysat a few children for the last 4-5 years. Moins

Children in our classes have segments of free time between projects to play. Most of the time, they are able to play peacefully, but sometimes conflict between children can arise. How would you go about helping two children who are fighting over a toy?

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Young children are just starting to gain a since of independence at this stage in life. So, it can be hard for them to understand the concept of sharing. The first thing to do is to address this problem before it starts. I would explain to the kids that during play time they are expected to share. Sharing introduced in a positive way (such as a game) and telling the child that “their” toy will come back as soon as another child is done with their turn, should inevitably reduce fighting. If this doesn’t work and one child is really protective over a center toy, I can have the child place his/her toy aside during play time to “keep it safe” until play time is over. Moins

Brighton Schools

Questions were all geared towards child safety and care. Some character questions to get a feel for the employee's moral fiber and work ethic. Strengths and weaknesses.

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I answered honestly and truthfully.

Roseville, CA

Say the students are playing a soccer game. What is your role?

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"My main priority would be safety. As a result, I would prefer to participate as the referee to ensure and safety fairness. " A poor answer would be "I make the teams" or "I participate in the game on the team thats losing." You want a balance ensuring safety and teaching children how to solve their own issues and play amongst each other. Moins

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