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On a demandé à un DCS Engineer...27 janvier 2020

Did I have papermill experience

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No papermill experience as indicated in my resume.


technical questions and open to service

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I answer the truth, my ex workplace experience and skills I have.

Schneider Electric

Tell us about a time you had to handle a stressful situation?

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I explained a scenario at previous job that showcased how I handle stress


Previous work experience related , About DCS ,about logic,process

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As per earlier experience .


How many years of experience do you have ?


How do you perform your task when you in customer site for service. Could you program any language of PLC such as ladder, function..etc. Could you tell me what is concept of explosion-proof in factory


Project Lifecycle


Instrumentation Basics


Control Systems- PID in detail and complex loops

Yokogawa India

regarding power plant and instrumentation

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