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On a demandé à un Deputy Program Manager...24 août 2015

They were interested in my experience managing a small team of Law Enforcement Officers.

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I talked to them about my experience as the Senior Technical Advisor managing a team in Iraq who mentored and advised the Iraq Anti-Corruption investigators for MPRI. Moins


Tell me about your Scrum Master experience? When did I get my certification? Tell me more about the "scrum-like" experience?

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This question is unexpected because this experience was not listed on the job description. The PM kept asking more questions about my Scrum Master skills and the PM was very persistent. I was decline an offer for this position because I did not have enough engineering experience yet PM wanted to more about my scrum master experience not related to the job I applied for. I felt the PM is an engineer with very little PM experience and has no knowledge of common PM best practice used by the PMI that most companies and industries utilized. How that person became PM is a surprise. Moins

GardaWorld Federal Services

Leadership of people was the main focus of the interviews.

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Extensive experience leading people and managing resources in a broad spectrum of operational environments. Moins


what would be major issues that are reportable to your supervisor

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injury to personal, damage to equipment. damage to facilities

US Navy

Do you have any issues that will prevent you from travelling?

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What are your expectations for this position? Do you have DPM experience? Are you familiar with the SAIC six phased process?

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What to grow myself in program management working in a technology company I have limited PM experience only with the US Army Corps of Engineers I did some research and responded with Baseline Planning, Design, Build, VALEX, COMMEX, De-installation. Moins


I was asked to summarize myself in one word, surprisingly, that is more difficult than it sounds.

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Beacon Associates, Inc.

How do you handle challenges?

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I answered it openly and honestly. Knocked it out of the park, TBH.


One of the question asked was what was my duties in my previous job as the Senior Police Advisor in Iraq?

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My position was to supervise and manage the Civilian Police Officers and translators for the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity Moins

MetroStar Systems

The recruiter set up a time to talk about never called me.

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