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On a demandé à Custom Interior Design Consultant & Architect...14 août 2012

Why I would be not using my privileges and being a permanent senior in he firm and why I opted to go part time?

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Was not too happy with their textbook type designing techniques with nothing innovative or inspiring. More projects taken to just enhance income and each work being just a design with nothing special. My motivation in my work was suffering as I enjoyed doing a good job with more thought. Moins

NXP Semiconductors

How do you see in the future

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I replied hat I was young and unexperienced and my path was yet to find


Tell me when you should communicate via e-mail vs. in-person communication.

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Stated that primary mode of communication is e-mail unless the subject is complex or may be misinterpreted. Moins


no technical questions just general discussion

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if you know too much, you will not succeed in interviews

LWDMR Architects

Do you like to use sketchup?

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I don't like to use sketchup, I like rhino or revit better

Turner Fleischer Architects

Do you have experience in AutoCAD?

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I have long experience with AutoCAD and much other software such as Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, Adobe Premiere, PowerPoint and Microsoft Projects. Moins

All questions were more personal and generally not relevant

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I should have answered ask them. I gave you 4 written references

Ministry of Design

what projects were you working on

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residential, commercial


"You have VP level positions listed on your resume. You may want to downplay those roles or change the titles", said the recruiter

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Alexander Open Systems

I was asked about my pre-sales experience and engagement model in previous roles.

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