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On a demandé à un Design Engineer...16 août 2022

What is your 5-year plan


What do you see yourself doing

HCL Technologies

Uvm phases and explain them

Capgemini Engineering

PD inputs, ASIC flow, RTL, Explain each stage in pd flow


Describe the stress-strain curves for steel, aluminum, and plastic.


How would you design an injection-molded latch mechanism? What design constraints must you take into account when creating an injection-molded part?


They asked me very little actually. I had a very strong resume. They mainly just insulted me in the interview and screamed and cursed at me.

Citec Group

My relevant experience on STAAD Pro software.

Analog Devices

They asked me to sort an array with an specific condition, without sorting

Spirit AeroSystems

They asked my work experience

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