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On a demandé à un Mechanical Design Engineer...5 novembre 2013

need to join tomorrow are you ready?

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Yes sir

Yes I am ready to join

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Given a string find the first non-repeated character.

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@Rajiv : Your solution is completely wrong. It will fail for input of "aaa" Reason: on first check, you insert "a". On next check you remove it. On next check you again insert it and return that as your answer, even though it was repeated thrice. Moins

program to find first non repeating character in a string c# - three ways

My python implementation: def firstNonRepeatingCharacter(inputString): hashmap = {} for x in inputString: if (x in hashmap): hashmap[x] = hashmap[x] + 1 else: hashmap[x] = 1 for x in inputString: if (hashmap[x] > 1): continue else: return x return "No nonrepeating character found" Moins

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Dolphin Technology

Basic MOSFET, CMOS questions were asked.

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Hey, you should feel glad that you weren't accepted by them. This company is very cheap and doesn't treat its employees well. Moins

I guess...but it is not the right way to interview candidates don't you think?

That's really sad. They should rather go with Skype or any other means to interview. Now,. I have got an on-site call for Digital circuit design and I am giving it a serious thought 🤔 Moins

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There is a refrigerator in a perfectly insulated room. The door is then opened. Is it an open or closed system? After a long time has passed, has the temperature in the room increased or decreased?

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It is a closed system as electricity is adding energy into the room. After a long time passes, the temperature increases as there's energy going in, but not leaving. Moins

It's a closed system. Since the efficiency of heat transfer is not 100%, will generate heat and eventually heat up the room. Moins

Since there is energy going into the room, it is open system without mass transfer. The room temperature will increase. Moins

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Create a 8 input AND gate using 3 4:1 muxes

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Without an enable bit on at least one of the mux's the maximum inputs would be 7. Moins

I don't see it being possible with three standard 4-1 muxes... Using 4, this question is straight forward... The two selects of each mux are your 8 inputs... tie out put of each mux to the (11) case input to the mux. Moins

We need 3 4:1 MUX and a And gate. Are we allowed to use 'and' gate?

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Steak ‘n Shake

your typical graphic design questions : are you employed? Define final process? Your creative process, etc

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This is 100% a scam.

Good work ethic, treat all information as confidential, deliver on time, treat clients with respect, not belittle my colleagues’ work, and up to date with trends Moins

Was this legit? I am having my doubts, just due to how the interview process is being handled. Moins

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Show me the back of an iPhone and asked me how it might have been manufactured.

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Automated CNC milling

A cast polymere

Still don’t get it

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Explain the design patent process. This isn't that difficult without proper research here and on their website.

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I interviewed for the same position with the same positive interview and questions. I noticed you have offer accepted marked. Have you already heard back? Moins

Not yet! Based on the hiring calendar I think notification will be within the next couple weeks. Moins

Ugh. I hate waiting. Good luck!

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design a full adder with 2-1 mux

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full adder can be got by 2 half adders and one OR gate; one half adder can be got by XOR, AND. Therefore, we need only OR, AND, XOR. All these three gates can be got by using MUX.? Moins

Can be implemented using 8 Muxes.

sum = a xor b xor cin carry = (a xor b) cin + ab You can easiy make XOR, OR AND, NOT using 2:1 mux. So 8 mux ?!? Moins

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If I have a solid rod and hollow rod with the same mass and I let them slide in a ramp. Which one reaches the bottom first and why?

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Since they've clearly told sliding. Acceleration along the ramp is independent of the mass or the moment of Inertia. Hence, both reaches down at the same time. Moins

Solid bar, smaller moment of inertia allows it to spin faster

Solid reaches first

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