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Men's Wearhouse
On a demandé à un Desktop Support Manager...21 janvier 2010

Asked to estimate the number of gas stations in the US.

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Interviewer was looking for logic process and not for a correct it horribly wrong. Moins


Why are you looking to leave your current employer

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My current contract is ending and I am looking for a new opportunity to further my career and continue to grow. Moins

New Trier Township High School District 203

How much money did you have to budget?

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I had a certain amount allocated an used it based on priority. Training, supplies, resources and inventory. This was part of the role. Moins

Analog Devices

How do you handle multiple problems that occur at one time?

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Triage the problems in order of critical nature. For example, does the problem affect production or does it affect a business unit? Which one needs attention first, and if more than one, what resources are available to fix multiple problems. Moins

R4 Solutions

Name the best Decision System?

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Service NOW

Sheltair Aviation

How will you handle a support call from one of the end user?

University of Chicago

Pretty basic really, how would you deal with a failed local backup.


1) Tell me about yourself

L.L. Bean

What does the brand stand for and how do i live that currently in my own life?

HCL Technologies

The ease of the questions was unexpected.

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