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On a demandé à un Development Specialist...17 août 2015

The first technical round was not so tough,but it was informative.In the first round the questions were about MVC,C#,Sql,LIINQ,Entity Framework (Basic Questions). The second round was much about design patterns and how is your coding styles like SOLID principles.In the second round they gave me two phases(I think they were much concentrating about your coding styles like is your first phase is open for extension or not). They gave very less time period to complete second phase because they would like to test about architecture and coding styles.The questions were CRUD Operations for library without D.B.(30 min) and the next session was extending like admin and user roles and grouping books in Library(30 min).You are not allowed to bring mobiles in this round(internet). The third round was presentation round.You need to explain your code and they will be asking questions relative to your code. The fourth round was manager round.This will be taken by Rahul Shah (Managing Director).He is very nice person.This round is completely about you and your goals.What did you planned for that and why prowareness.Even though you performed well in all rounds but manager if you don't then you don't get offer.

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In the second round they asked to write code for CRUD operations without DB.After reading the question I got panic (with confusion) but I read question couple of times then I got an idea about Singleton Design pattern,i had implemented it with well architecture. Moins

CRUD operations without DB can be implemented using code first approach of entity framework. You implemented it using singleton pattern. Please explain it in detail. Moins

Please explain in detail how to implement CRUD operations using Singleton patter that too without using database. Moins

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Would I be willing to take the job, work from home on my computer. I worked "remote" for almost all of my over nine years of employment.

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Yes. I was willing and able. Turned out the hardest part was limiting my hours to 60 a week. Moins

I haven't got payed can I get my data Controller to do my

This looks so good:


Greatest Strengths.

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There were really no difficult or unexpected questions just an extremely long process Moins

I think I agree with this post...Really bad HR ppl there and they take soo long and misschedule multiple times. Didn't even recognize their mistake and most of it all, you will never hear back from the HR team even after leaving messages/emails about feedback. Atleast answer and say even No if you have to but do learn to reply! Moins


Basics of k12 subjects

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Is this job similar to teaching.. like do we have to teach students like how it is shown in the videos. Moins

Is this job similar to teaching.. like do we have to teach students like how it is shown in the videos. Moins


ETL questions

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Data warehousing questions

How you applied online??


can't answer, NDA

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If everyone wants to take refuge of “NDA” why bother to provide a review at all

can't answer, NDA

The Village for Families & Children

Give me some examples of what you consider therapeutic interactions

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Submitted wrong vote

Labeling, identifying, and validating children's emotions; being child-centered and having child-led play; using art as a therapeutic tool for a child to express oneself "e.g. draw how it feels to be you". Moins

National Security Agency

Write a simple function that prints out all factors of a given number n.

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for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++) { if (n % i == 0) then print out i }

#include int main() { using namespace std; try { int product = 0; cout > product; for (int i = 1; i <= product; i++) { if (product % i == 0) { cout << i << " is a factor of " << product << endl; } } } catch (exception &ex) { cout << ex.what() << " in main." << endl; return EXIT_FAILURE; } return EXIT_SUCCESS; } Moins


The generic situation / reaction questions: if you were put in this type of sales situation, how would you react and/or change your sales approach.

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Don't over complicate it, don't be wordy.

yes, i change the dicsion in sale material and i come here in the material of this time. Moins

Ross Medical Education Center

How do you handle stress?

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Take a deep breath and try to let it go better for your health.

Take a deep breath and try to let it go. It's not good for your overall health.

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