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On a demandé à un DevOps Manager...20 juillet 2016

Interview questions are pretty typical. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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Nailed it. But because of the changing list of people you meet and their interpretation of the position, you will get different ratings depending on their interpretation of the position and score lower than you would be if you were meeting with people that's directly involve with you if you were hired for that position. Moins


Explain CI/CD pipeline

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Explained Build process and Deployment process

What book are you reading right now? What can you teach me from the ideas shared in that book?

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Lean Startup


Incase a service is very slow what should be the strategy to have minimal impact.

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Tried explaining it would be dependent on business urgency. My explanation: If you can take out the release and then wait for the developers to fix it then we should do that. Interviewer explanation: Scale up the server to utilise more resources. (I said the problem might scale up since the service now has more buffer to hog other resources) Moins


What is the difference between classic load balancer and application load balancer

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My short answer would be: ELB work at network level, each request is directed to different server/ip etc. based on the rules. ALB works at application level, you have much more control over routing based on the content of the request. Moins


How do you motivate software engineers?

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Autonomy, growth & purpose.

CU Direct

The usual. Tell me about your current experience and why do you think you will be a good fit for this role.

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1. Tell me about your experience... 2. What is your salary expectation

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1. I talked about my past experience 2. The average Devops Engineer salary.

Blue Apron

We run an almost 100% Kubernetes shop, tell me about your Kubernetes experience.

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Kubernetes is used almost exclusively by tech people who don't understand underlying infrastructure and are making purely monetary based decisions and not the right tool for the right job. Moins


Do you fit in with our core values and which one speaks to you?

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Yes, Keep it simple speaks to me as an Arch Linux technologist (KISS)

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