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On a demandé à un Digital Advertising Sales Executive...20 septembre 2018

They asked how I handle rejections in the sales process.

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I explained that I am persistent and that I would follow up with the person again a few months down the road Moins


The asked me various questions about my background and my skill at several different digital processes and platforms.

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I answered truthfully. Most of the things they asked about I had done extensively. There were a few platforms I had not worked on very frequently, but I had fluency on the competitive platform so a switch would not be much of a problem. Moins


That would be the first, second and third question in the video interview

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Then I started getting more comfortable. I don't think any of the questions were that difficult to answer considering the position Moins

Zoom Media

How do you feel about working the phone and making more than 100 calls a day?

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I told her that I'm experienced and comfortable with cold-calling. Thus, I have no problem with making 100 calls a day. Moins

American Express

What are your thoughts on recent digital advertising changes?

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Give 2-3 examples of recent trends and what do you think of them.


What are you looking for in a company?

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Great culture, ability to move up, good compensation for education/experience.

What do you know about what we do?

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How long after applying did it take for them to contact you?


Tell me about a time when you noticed a problem and solved it.

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I described an error in a project and how I went about fixing it with the team I was leading. Moins

ATL Events Group

Why would a future client work with us rather than one of our competitors?

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youth, I don't know why would you think a future client would? I really don't see how this relates to my skills or the hiring process. Moins


How will you manage the pressure situation?

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I told them about how I am prioritising my time with the tasks divided into ABC, A is the most important task and C is the less important and accordingly I will work. Moins

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