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On a demandé à un Digital Advertising Strategist...28 juillet 2022

What experience do you have working with customers?


Tell us about a time you overcame a conflict or trial in your previous job


Did you ever have conflict with a previous manager or boss?


I was asked to look at some realtime data from an active account and analyze it on the spot.

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After analyzing the data I discovered that the account was performing better than the data showed. Moins


Why do you think you’d be a good fit for this position ? What are some of your career goals ?


Most of the questions were on my work experience and how I handled certain situations. There was a 10 minute presentation on a topic of my choice as part of the last panel interview. Overall it was a good experience

Procter & Gamble

domande attitudinali background CV cases analysis.

Direct Online Marketing

I was asked plenty of questions about my education and relevant work experience.


Provide an example of your copy writing experience.


Why would like to join Bridgit?

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Well, I just spoke what I felt true at that moment.

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