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On a demandé à un Digital Media Account Strategist...20 juillet 2017

Describe a time when you were wrong or unqualified and how was it brought to light and how did you handle it.

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I discussed early moments in my career wanting to stand out and be heard, and that times I would supply the answers thought others wanted to hear without having all the knowledge or insight on the request, but through great leaders and mentors as well as and team members who believed in the value of honest and open feedback, I learned the value of always listening first and the importance of educating myself on what was vital and important and then ways of being able to supply that information and knowledge to my clients or those I was working with. Moins

Bare Anatomy

My perspective on personalization of beauty

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New, innovation, involves tech will disrupt the market


What kind of strategy would you come up with if you were looking to appeal to [insert market]?

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Give me an example of a goal you achieved for a client and how you did it?

Havas Group

Why do you want to change your current job?

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I said at my current employer there is no work life balance as there are long working hours. Moins

Unreasonable Group

How would you rate yourself at your current/previous role.

Philadelphia Eagles

How would you leverage our Facebook and Twitter?

Publicis Groupe

How do you handle your team when you have looming deadlines approaching the weekend?

The HistoryMakers

How familiar are you with the African American community?

Callaway Golf

They asked technical experience and strategy ideas.

Condé Nast

What are your weaknesses?

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