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On a demandé à un Deputy Clerk DC District Court...12 juillet 2019

Test is composed of typing, grammar, and numerical skills. Typing is timed and not appropriate for job position since skills for position mostly requires case lookup , filing, and organization through hard copy or electronic filing system. Also, grammar section is ridiculously difficult and requires English skills on an advanced (teaching) level to pass. Since when did court case lookup, filing, and organization require advanced English grammar skills? The job position description calls for basic spelling. In addition, the salary range for that position clearly does not pay for advance grammar skills.

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The test is difficult but not "impossible" to pass. Grammar section needs to be changed to basic spelling skills or eliminated all together. The testing process explains why the job position is currently open for one year. Test is unnecessarily difficult. Moins


Why are you leaving your current job?


Several situational questions and make sure you can tie your answers back to their core values. I would also recommend keeping your answers as concise as possible.


How did you find the job?


Are you okay with relocation and traveling?


Tell me about your current job. What do you do?

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